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It’s not uncommon to see a license key on Cdiscount at a very low price, but it doesn’t work. To unblock this type of problem, a PowerShell script can be used to activate Windows or Office using an official license key.

What is Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) ?

Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS), also known as MassGrave, is an open-source tool for free activation of Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. It works by exploiting different activation methods.

This solution is sometimes used by Microsoft support

Sometimes, Microsoft technical support uses tools like MAS to help users in trouble. For example, in March 2023, videographer TroubleChute shared an anecdote on X where his official license key for Windows 10 Pro wasn’t working.

Microsoft technical support struggled to solve the problem, but eventually a member of the technical team used a tool to activate Windows remotely.

This tool, MAS, is in theory illegal, but in some cases it seems that Microsoft is using it to solve technical problems. This story suggests that Microsoft’s methods of remotely activating its products can sometimes be problematic, and MAS has become a necessary tool to unblock certain situations.

How to use Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) in PowerShell ?

  1. Open a PowerShell Administrator window.
  2. Execute the following command:
Activate Windows and Office for free and for life with Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS)
  1. Choose the version you want to activate.
  2. Press 1 to activate your version.