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Your little computer worries have finally got the better of you: it’s time to call in a real computer expert!

But if you don’t know much about IT, it’s hard to know how much to pay for the service you’re interested in. And that’s exactly why we’ve created this guide and decided to give you some sample prices to help you see things a little more clearly.

Of course, as you can imagine, every service is different, but Assistouest is a specialist in all types of computer repairs in Nantes, and we have enough statistics to help you avoid scams.

This guide will help you discover which price to pay, with the help of numerous examples:

Hourly rates for computer specialists

As in many trades, the hourly rate of a computer specialist increases in proportion to his or her skills and expertise. One of the peculiarities of this profession is that the computer specialist has to estimate the duration of the service to provide you with an accurate quote. Without this estimate, it’s difficult for you to know how much it will cost.

The cost of IT services can therefore vary considerably depending on the skills and expertise of the IT specialist. Understanding how these rates are determined can help you better plan your computer troubleshooting and maintenance needs:

Individual computer specialists: the least expensive

They’re the cheapest! These are individuals who are not computer experts by trade, but who have a good knowledge of the field. Enough to help someone who knows nothing. Prices vary according to the type of service offered, from simple computer hook-up to Internet box installation.

Rate: €25/h to €35/h

Why choose an IT specialist ?

A private computer specialist is suitable for small computer requests or for your daily needs:

  • Connecting hardware: Whether it’s installing a new printer, connecting peripherals or configuring a new workstation, a dedicated IT specialist can get the job done quickly.
  • Connecting your TV to the Internet: To enjoy all the benefits of connected TV, a dedicated IT specialist can configure your TV for Internet access.
  • Launching cleaning programs: A computer specialist can help you keep your computer running smoothly by launching cleaning and optimization programs to eliminate unnecessary files and improve system performance.

Self-employed IT specialists: competent and fast

An auto-entrepreneur is a self-employed IT professional. This status places them between the private individual and the seasoned professional. With fewer costs than a professional and more skills than an individual, they offer excellent value for money.

Rate: €35/hr to €50/hr

Why choose a self-employed IT specialist ?

A self-employed IT specialist is often an excellent option for solving a variety of IT problems:

  • Repairing computer problems: Whether it’s performance issues, system errors or network problems, a self-employed contractor can diagnose and resolve them.
  • Recovering lost files: If you’ve accidentally deleted important files or are experiencing hard disk problems, a self-contractor can help you recover your data.
  • Computer ref urbishment: To optimize your computer’s performance, a self-employed contractor can perform a deep clean, remove malware and update the system.
  • Training and tutorials: Need to learn how to use new software or improve your computer skills? An auto-entrepreneur can provide you with personalized courses and practical advice.

Computer professionals: problem-solving specialists

A professional computer scientist devotes his or her life to computing, accumulating expertise and knowledge that are often inaccessible to the general public. Although his rates are higher, they reflect the quality of his equipment and skills. This specialist is capable of solving a wide range of problems, both hardware and software.

Rate: €50/hr to €120/hr

Why choose a professional ?

Calling in a professional IT specialist is recommended when your problem is particularly complex. Whether it’s a computer that won’t turn on or the synchronization of all your connected objects, calling in an expert guarantees the solution.

  • Diagnosis of complex problems: Professionals possess advanced expertise in diagnosing and resolving all types of problems. They use diagnostic tools and their knowledge to quickly identify the causes of problems.
  • Data protection: A professional ensures the security of your IT system by installing and configuring security software, performing security audits to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • Development of customized solutions : Need customized solutions? A professional IT specialist can develop and implement applications for your existing infrastructure.

What is the average hourly rate for a computer specialist ?

An IT professional’s hourly rate may vary according to his or her level of experience, skills and status (freelance or salaried). In general, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Entry-level computer technician: €25 to €35 per hour
  • Intermediate computer specialist: €35 to €50 per hour
  • Experienced computer specialist: €50 to €70 per hour
  • IT consultant / Expert: €70 to €120 per hour (or more)

On average, if we take these different categories into account, the average hourly rate for an IT specialist is around €57 per hour. This includes beginners, intermediate professionals, experts and consultants.

IT services: prices by type of service

Rates vary according to many factors. Some services are simple and inexpensive, while others are complex, requiring many hours of work and specialized skills, justifying a higher cost.

To give you an idea of troubleshooting rates, we’re going to show you the average prices paid by Assistouest Informatique customers for each type of service. This will give you a better understanding of the costs associated with your request.

How much does it cost to clean a computer ?

Computer cleaning is one of the most popular computer maintenance services. Over time, computers accumulate useless files, unwanted software and internal dust, which can considerably slow down their performance and make them frustrating to use. To remedy this, it’s often necessary to call in an IT professional.

computer cleaning by a computer specialist

This specialist will first carry out a complete diagnosis of your computer to determine the precise causes of the slowness. Next, he or she will perform a thorough cleaning. This usually includes removing malicious and unnecessary software, uninstalling obsolete programs, optimizing system settings and sometimes even physically dusting off the computer’s internal components.

Price: €40 – €70

How much does it cost to format or reinstall Windows ?

Formatting or reinstalling Windows is a common solution when a computer begins to experience performance or stability problems. Over time, operating systems can accumulate errors, corrupted files and unwanted software that affect their stability. In such cases, formatting or reinstalling Windows can restore the computer to its original state, as when it was first used.

installation of windows 11 by a computer specialist

This process involves backing up important data, completely erasing the hard disk and then reinstalling the Windows operating system. This eliminates any existing software problems and provides a clean foundation for computer operation.

Price: €70 – €90

How much does it cost to repair a broken computer ?

Problems can vary considerably in complexity and repair cost. Sometimes it’s just a small fault, such as a disconnected cable or a slightly damaged component, which can be repaired for around fifty euros. However, more complex repairs, such as the replacement of internal components like the motherboard, hard disk or screen, can entail higher costs.

The technician will start by carrying out a complete diagnosis to identify the source of the problem. Then he’ll propose a solution and an estimate based on the parts and time required for repair.

Price: €50 – €X

The exact price will be determined after a precise diagnosis by the professional.

How much does it cost to install an Internet box ?

Installing an Internet box can sometimes pose problems, especially if you’ve just moved in or if your current box is malfunctioning. A computer specialist can help you set up your internet box, check the connections, make sure all cables are correctly connected, and configure the settings needed to ensure a stable, fast connection.

It can also help you connect your devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the wireless network and optimize your network settings to improve range and speed. This service is particularly useful for those who are not comfortable with technology, or who want to ensure that their home network works smoothly right from the start.

Price: €50

How much does a printer installation cost ?

Printers are often among those devices that seem to have frequent and varied problems. Whether it’s jammed paper, drivers that don’t connect properly, or a simple inability to print, these problems can be frustrating and time-consuming.

He can show you how to solve common problems and maintain your printer to avoid future breakdowns. This service is particularly useful for those who want a quick, hassle-free installation, so they can start using their printer straight away without any complications.

Don’t waste any more time having your printer installed by an IT specialist for a pittance.

Price: €50

Troubleshooting online: are prices cheaper ?

Some computer problems don’t necessarily require a visit from your IT specialist. This is particularly the case if your computer has a software problem. In this case, you can easily solve the problem by requesting remote computer assistance.

When a computer specialist works remotely, he or she can diagnose and solve problems directly via the Internet. This includes tasks such as installing software, removing viruses, configuring settings and other software solutions. This mode of intervention is not only practical, it also reduces the cost of the service for several reasons:

  1. No travel: The IT specialist doesn’t need to travel to the site, which eliminates transportation costs.
  2. Saves time: The technician can start work immediately, without having to travel, which reduces the time billed.
  3. Additional savings: If your nearest IT technician is far away, remote troubleshooting avoids additional distance-related costs, which could add €10 or more to your bill.

Price: €50

This practical and economical solution is sure to save you money.

Rates for computer repairs

To sum up this guide, you’ll find below a price list for the various services that comprise computer troubleshooting… all that’s left is for you to take the plunge :

ServiceAverage price
Cleaning a computer50 – 70€
Formatting / installing Windows70 – 90€
Repairing a broken computer50 – X€
Installing an Internet box50€
Installing / repairing a printer50€

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