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Would you like to add more RAM to your computer to take advantage of multitasking, but are wondering whether your computer can accommodate more memory and which one is compatible? In this article, I’ll show you a very simple technique for checking your computer’s ability to accommodate more RAM.

Discover the Crucial® System Scanner

The Crucial® System Scanner is an online tool developed by Crucial, a company specializing in the manufacture of computer components such as RAM memory and SSD drives.

This tool is designed to analyze your computer and determine which types of RAM memory or SSD disks are compatible with your system.

Once you’ve run the scanner on your computer, it will provide you with specific recommendations on which Crucial products are suitable for your device, allowing you to upgrade your hardware with ease and helping you avoid purchasing errors.

  • Safely scan your computer’s components
  • View your current memory configuration and storage disks
  • View compatible memory and storage upgrades
  • PLUS, get recommendations for optimizing your memory and storage for maximum performance

How do I use the Crucial system scanner?

  1. Visit the Crucial System Scanner website
  2. Click on Start my free scan!
analyze its memory and storage to find upgrades compatible with the Crucial System Scanner.
  1. Accept the terms of use.
terms and conditions crucial system scanner
  1. Open the small program to get the scanner working properly.
  1. Open the utility with your web browser.
open with web browser
  1. Once the scanner is running, it will automatically analyze your system to identify RAM memory and storage.
  2. Once the scan is complete, the scanner will display a list of products compatible with your system.

You can easily use the Crucial System Scanner to determine which RAM or storage upgrades are compatible with your computer.